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Commercebay - quality and experience set us apart

We have been selling to foreign markets successfully since 2014, long enough to convince our customers and partners that we know how to do it and most importantly: we can do it effectively.

Unlike most companies with a similar profile, we did not start our business by selling other entrepreneurs' products, so-called foreign products. Our business starts in 2014 with the introduction of our own products to foreign markets and the creation and promotion of our own brands, which are now extremely popular in foreign markets, and many of our products are now bestsellers on foreign sales portals, recording increasing sales growth year on year.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for our products and to introduce them to new sales platforms and markets in most European countries, we began the process of expanding our analysis and sales department, which changed and grew as sales increased. Many of our partners and associates began to benefit from our skills and experience, and we were pleased to help many of them introduce new products to foreign markets.

It was then that we noticed a niche in the market and decided to fill it. Since then, we have been involved in introducing entrepreneurs and their products to foreign markets.

It started with three women for whom the greatest business value is to go beyond the usual. We combined our strengths, hired additional great specialists and that's how it came to be CommerceBay.

The experience we have gained over many years of hard work selling our own products, our personal skills and our success in launching our own brand with ever-growing popularity form the basis of the trust our customers have in us.

Most of them are entrepreneurs like us... so it is easy for us to put ourselves in their shoes and become aware of their constraints and the problems they may face when launching their products in new markets.This ability allows us not only to quickly see the seller's situation and propose solutions tailored not only to their expectations, but also to the constraints they certainly face.

Are you looking for the best specialists to help you solve difficult problems related to your business? Our large team of experts is ready to help!

Remember, CommerceBay will turn your every 'problem' into a 'possible solution' and a threat into an opportunity for growth and expansion.



An experienced businesswoman herself, she creates and manages production and sales companies in various industries throughout Europe. She is happy to share her recipe for international success.


(E-Commerce/Administration Specialist)

Specialist in sales administration in foreign markets and a master of hit ideas. She replaces the word 'problem' with 'possible solutions'.


(E-Commerce Manager)

Language expert, fluent in 7 languages herself. Expert in sales platforms. Travels the world and explores the socio-cultural nuances, with which she is able to enchant every foreign client.

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