How to sell effectively abroad?

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Worried about how to ensure your customers respond to messages on holidays and weekends? Why didn't your customer get their package on time again?
Are you uncomfortable starting to sell in a market that is unfamiliar to you? Is it cost-effective to use sales platforms?

At CommerceBay, we have the answers to all of these questions.

We are here to ensure that you no longer have to worry about how to manage your work organisation in the e-commerce sector.

Create your perfect offer.

Choose from the services we offer in the way that suits you best.

You can choose all our services or just one.

With us you can start selling in Germany or throughout Europe. Not sure what to opt for? We will develop a strategy together.

Start selling your products in Western European countries ... with CommerceBay it's really easy !

CommerceBay is a company providing a set of highly specialised services to facilitate the introduction and development of product sales in Western European and UK markets. Our offer is aimed primarily at manufacturers who want to introduce their products to markets across Europe, but also at wholesale and retail intermediaries, so-called resellers, for whom the opportunity to sell products in so-called old Europe can significantly increase revenues and contribute to the development of their companies.

Increase turnover and product sales volumes by significantly increasing the number of potential customers.

CommerceBay, as part of the services offered to its clients, will develop a plan and strategy and carry out the process of introducing your products to Western European markets. Whether you are a manufacturer or an intermediary, there are a great many methods and ways in which you can tap into the financial potential and the need of the people of Western Europe to make your business more profitable and revenue enhancing.

Every business has constraints, e.g. raw material, territorial or financial. In the company's environment, there are not only constraints, but also opportunities, which, if noticed and recognised quickly enough, offer the possibility to develop the company and use the constraints of the competition to take control of their market and customers. Above all, this concerns the possibility of introducing a product into a new market where it will compete effectively with products that are already in that market.

CommerceBay provides an opportunity to exploit emerging opportunities and increase competitive advantage in the target product market.

During the analysis, CommerceBay will look at the strengths and weaknesses of your business and the products you distribute. Our team of specialists will select and propose solutions that will effectively introduce your products to new markets or change your business strategy in such a way as to increase your advantage and sales opportunity over your competitors' products. In this way, we will not only increase the volume of products you sell, but will also significantly expand the area in which these products are in demand.

Increasing the volume of products you sell will not only allow you to expand your business and reduce production costs while taking advantage of economies of scale in the case of a manufacturer, but will also allow you to increase the volume of goods you order, making your purchases cheaper with the right negotiating methods. The money saved in this way can be invested in the development of the company, advertising or on lowering prices while maintaining margins, which will additionally start a snowball effect increasing sales and turnover of the company. Such a solution very often benefits not only manufacturers, but also resellers, i.e. importers, wholesalers and trade intermediaries.

We will secure your brand and the future of your business

If you are a manufacturer or launching your own brand, you realise the importance of ensuring its legal security, which will guarantee your rights to the brand and the products you launch.
CommerceBay has already introduced many brands, protecting their owners from many dangers they did not realise existed. If your growth is limited by fear for your brand's wellbeing ... you've come to the right place. We know which programmes to use and how to effectively launch your brand on sales portals in such a way as to guarantee only you the exclusive right to dispose of the brand and manage the sale of the products that are part of it. We will help you eliminate unfair competition and effectively deter future imitators, and if necessary, we will support you in the legal procedure for securing your brand, logo or the products you manufacture.

We will serve your customers! Take care of what you do best and leave the things you don't enjoy to us.

Are you already selling on overseas portals or in a webshop and are worried about how to provide efficient service to your customers at times when you are relaxing, i.e. during holidays, festivals and weekends? Do you want someone else to worry about why your customer has again not received their package on time? Don't have time to answer customer queries? Do you want to hire out production, purchasing or sales and want to delegate customer service duties to qualified staff?
CommerceBay is the solution to these problems!

We are here to make sure that you no longer have to worry about how to manage your work organisation in the e-commerce sector. Our offer doesn't end with introducing your products to new marketplaces or sales portals or sorting out what you have already prepared, implemented and launched. CommerceBay provides a full range of services to help sales organise their customer service processes and take over all the related activities.

Efficient customer service, through skilful pre- and post-sales handling, can significantly not only increase the number of products sold, but also significantly reduce the number of returns and complaints, which often affect the outcome of the sales process, i.e. your company's final profit. With the use of economies of scale and a significant increase in turnover, this is often not a minor, but a significant impact reaching several percent of the company's turnover.

Create your perfect listing with CommerceBay and start selling!

Choose from the services we offer in the way that suits you best. You can choose all our services or just one. With us you can start selling in Germany or throughout Europe. Not sure what to opt for? We will develop a strategy together.

How do we sell effectively?
Comprehensive sales

Combine our services to create a tailor-made offer for your company!
Complex customer service

Our experienced, multilingual team is available all year round. We provide a customer service, as well as serving customers from sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, bol or CDiscount and online shops according to current standards.

We are very familiar with the guidelines and standards of the European sales markets. No question will surprise us.

8 languages (Polish, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish)

365 days a year, from any sales source

From any sales source

European sales platforms

Our experts are well versed in the sales environment of e-commerce platforms. We will help you with all the steps involved in opening a sales account, from setting it up and running, to listing products and responding to your customers' comments.

We will advise you on how to look after the health of your sales account and how to deal with disputes on the platforms. We'll make sure you're up to date with ever-changing guidelines and regulations. We recognise that terms such as A+ Content, BuyBox and ODR can seem intimidating. We will guide you and your business step by step through the Amazon jungle.






Amazon FBA/FBM

If you have bulky products, offer personalised products or have your own warehouse, an FBM sale would be ideal.
If you have small or medium-sized products, do not have your own warehouse and want to import directly to your target market, it is worth considering Amazon's FBA warehouse offering.

The FBA sales model is not suitable for every business just as the FBM model does not always prove to be the cheapest. Which model should you choose ? Which one will be ideal for you ?

While this is quite a challenge, we will face it together. CommerceBay has a Customer Service and Logistics department that work together in perfect harmony. We already have a system in place to solve any problems you may encounter. We will advise you from A to Z, at every stage of your adventure.

Logistics service


Product review

Customer service and accounts in accordance with Amazon standards

From A to Z

Translations / Copywriting

Not sure how to go about writing product descriptions for foreign markets? Are the texts on your webshop understandable to a French viewer? Every company selling abroad needs a translation service at some stage of its operation.

Choose CommerceBay's team of translators for specialist translations in the e-commerce industry. We translate into 9 languages in all combinations.

We are familiar with the current industry vocabulary and cultural differences in Europe. We are experienced and reliable. We know that our translations will express your intentions in a precise and linguistically correct manner.

8 languages

E-commerce specialization

Webshop translation

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