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France is the third largest e-commerce market in the EU and the sixth largest in the world.

Cdiscount, one of France's leading e-commerce sites, plays a significant role in the online market. The French prefer to shop on home-grown platforms, so Cdiscount is the ideal choice for those who want to reach the French customer.

Market and product range specificity:

Cdiscount stands out for the variety of products it offers, ranging from electronics and computers to clothing and cosmetics. As much as 28.5% of the total sales on the platform are in the electronics and computer sector. It is a multi-industry site, so it is easy to place your listing in the right category, even if they are less popular products.

The platform is also attractive to dropshippers because it allows products to be sold at affordable prices and offers a wide range of product categories.

Benefits of using the Cdiscount platform:

With more than 20 years of experience, Cdiscount has become a popular choice not only in France, but also in Poland. Merchants can benefit from an extensive help panel, as well as Cdiscount Fulfilment services and free shipping through Cdiscount à Volonté. Furthermore, the platform offers free Fulfilment services for the first two weeks and supports integration with supply chain management systems, making logistics management much easier.

Advantages and costs of selling on Cdiscount:

The platform offers efficient logistics solutions with 500,000 m² of storage space, no obligations for sellers and the possibility to sell without listing fees. Sales commissions are from 5% and the monthly cost of using the platform is €39.99 (excluding VAT).

Start of sales:

To start selling on the Cdiscount platform, there are several steps to take:

  1. Merchant account registration: The first step is to create a reseller account on Cdiscount. Visit the Cdiscount website and look for the option to register for resellers.
  2. Verification and account settings: Once your account has been created, Cdiscount may require you to upload additional documents to verify your identity and business information. You will also set your payment and shipping preferences at this point.
  3. List of products: You will then need to add your products to the Cdiscount system. This includes detailed product descriptions, images, prices, availability information, etc.
  4. Order management: Once you have added your products, you will be able to receive and manage orders through the Cdiscount platform.
  5. Product promotion: Cdiscount offers various tools to promote products, such as paid advertising or promotions.
  6. Customer service: It is important to provide high quality customer service by responding to queries and resolving any problems.
  7. Analysis and optimisation: Regularly analyse sales performance and adjust strategies to increase efficiency.

Starting to sell on Cdiscount can multiply your profits thanks to the fact that the French prefer to shop on their own native platforms, so if you want to reach the French customer, Cdiscount will be the ideal choice.

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