How do I effectively advertise products on with the help of Sponsored Product Ads?

Date - eCommerce giant under the wing of the Schwarz Group

Kaufland, which is part of the Schwarz Group - the same group that owns the popular chain of shops Lidl, is increasingly expanding its e-commerce platform, The platform offers customers access to more than 40 million items in over 5,000 categories. Interestingly, around 300,000 of these products are offered directly by Kaufland. Not surprisingly, the platform is attracting increasing interest among Polish retailers. is home to around 8,000 companies and 1,450 shops from 8 different countries, including eCommerce giants such as Bosch, Philips, Puma, Ray-Ban, Reebok, Siemens, Toshiba, Under Armour or Vans. This makes a key player in the online market.

Sponsored Products Ads - what are they?

Sponsored Products Ads are paid product advertisements that allow retailers on to highlight their items, thereby increasing their visibility to potential customers. With this form of advertising, the retailers' products are displayed in more prominent places on the website, such as the search engine or category pages, significantly increasing the chances of them being seen and purchased by customers.

Why invest in Sponsored Products Ads?

  • Increased visibility: In a world where every detail matters, product visibility is key. Sponsored Products Ads ensure priority display, which translates into a greater chance of being noticed by customers.
  • Reaching a larger customer base: Thanks to's huge user base, your products can reach a wider range of potential customers, which is invaluable for growing your business.
  • Flexibility and cost control: The PPC billing model allows you to pay only for ad clicks, giving you control over costs. You can choose between a maximum daily rate and a total campaign budget, which is ideal even for smaller budgets.
  • Continuous optimisation: Access to the dashboard allows campaigns to be tracked and optimised in real time, based on data such as ACoS, performance by keyword or PPC.

How to get started?

To start using Sponsored Products Ads on, you register as a retailer on the platform, set an advertising budget and select the products to be promoted. Then, via the management panel, advertising campaigns can be created and modified, adapting them to changing market needs and customer preferences. 

Important note: Advertising will only be displayed if the retailer has a buy box for the promoted product.

Creating a campaign: A step-by-step process

  1. Setting up a Campaign: Select the 'New Campaign' tab, give it a unique name and set a start time.
  2. Keyword selection: Specify keywords manually or use automatic targeting.
  3. Budget and Rate per Click: Set a budget and maximum PPC rate.
  4. Product selection: Add products to be auctioned in the campaign, using SKU, CSV file, or by selecting product categories.

To sum up, Sponsored Product Ads on offer a powerful tool for retailers who want to increase the visibility and sales of their products. Thanks to the flexibility in campaign configuration, cost control and continuous optimisation possibilities, even smaller companies can compete successfully in the eCommerce market. Utilising the data and analyses available through the dashboard allows you to fine-tune your campaigns to the needs and preferences of your target group.

More detailed information on Sponsored Product Ads is available at Kaufland.

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